Getting Android vector drawable as Path

val vectorDrawable = ResourcesCompat.getDrawable(resources, R.drawable.icon, null)  vectorDrawable?.setBounds(0, 0, 800, 800) vectorDrawable?.draw(canvas)

Understanding XML path data

android:pathData="M17.6,9.48l1.84,-3.18c0.16,-0.31 0.04,-0.69 -0.26,..."/>
path.moveTo(17.6f, 9.48f) path.lineTo(19.44f, 6.3f) path.cubicTo(19.6f, 5.99f, 19.48f, 5.61f, 19.18f, 5.45f)
  • M is translated to moveTo
  • l is translated to lineTo
  • c is translated to cubicTo
  • First argument: 17.6 + 1.84 = 19.44
  • Second argument 9.48 3.18 = 6.3

Generating Path code from vector image using an online generator

Converting vector XML into Path programmatically

  1. Parse content of a vector XML drawable and extract pathData attribute from it
  2. Create new Path object from path data
import  PathParser.createPathFromPathData(pathData)




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