Flutter app with a touch of Material You colors, please

Getting colors using a platform channel

The idea is simple — call a “native” platform code to get a list of colors. The colors we’re interested in are listed in Dmitry Chertenko’s article and in the official documentation. There are several new system color attributes available:


Guessing Material You colors usage

As there are no guidelines on how to use the colors. I’ve used a modern nanotech tool (a simple color picker) to find matches between my current Material You palette and real apps. This may help in understanding how colors should be used.


Calculator uses colors from all three accent color groups. I couldn’t find a color matching digit button’s background — perhaps it’s a color with opacity and it blends in with window background which makes it’s hard to get the actual color.


Search and navigation bars use changed version of palette’s colors. My guess is they use a transparent color and a solid color background container (white for light theme and black for dark theme) to make the final color opaque. Let’s see what Material You guidelines say about it once they’re published.


Pretty much every color is from the palette:

Using Material You colors in Flutter

Using colors in Flutter is simple: get a color and set it as a primary swatch:

future: getMaterialYouColor(),
builder: (context, AsyncSnapshot<MaterialYouPalette?> snapshot) {
final primarySwatch = snapshot.data?.accent1 ?? Colors.blue;
return MaterialApp(
theme: ThemeData(
primarySwatch: primarySwatch,



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